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Whether you’re graduating from High School or College, going into the “unknown” can be scary – especially if you have no direction. The Jim Dunston Foundation offers young adults connections to programs and internships that will better prepare and educate them for their future career paths. These programs will also help shape them into more
confident and knowledgeable individuals with a better understanding of what they want out of life. For young adults, the experiences can range from learning about business and personal growth & development, to how to balance a checkbook to gaining internships or employment in a field of their interest.



The Jim Dunston Foundation provides micro loans to minority owned small businesses. Women own 38% of businesses in this country, yet only receive about 16% of business loans – essentially, they get $1 of every $23 loaned. Most minority owned business don’t receive the support and mentorship needed to have their business thrive and succeed. JDF will provide micro loans and mentorship too. Once the loan has been repaid all proceeds go back to to another business owner needing assistance. That individual receiving the loan will be involved in the process and determine who the loan goes to next.



The military is full of structure and has job security – two things that are hard to find in the civilian world. That makes the transition from active duty to civilian one of the toughest to go through. The Jim Dunston Foundation serves those who served and offers a wide variety of mentorships to help prepare Veterans for the civilian workplace. JDF offer assistance in a range of development that might be needed ranging from resume building, interview practice, and other life skills to connections with internship programs.