Jim Dunston a.k.a. “G Pop”

Jim Dunston was a man of vision, hard working, humble, and selfless. He loved to see others thrive through their discipline, confidence and beyond  what they thought they would be capable of. He always put others first, lent and ear and he strived to live by example.

His family has the deepest honor of his mentorship and drive that he displayed in his own life. He was always the biggest supporter to his wife, children, grand children and great grandchildren. Jim was very active in the community teaching computers to Seniors at the Senior Center and was a retired professor from Cornell University. Although he accomplished many accolades throughout his life and career. His family and people around him always got a master class on life when interacting with him. One of his many gifts he left people with is the importance of speaking up for yourself, and making your own decisions – with confidence and conviction and instilling in individuals that you not only had a right to be there but earned it.

To honor his legacy,  The Jim Dunston Foundation was created as a way to pass along his fearless approach to life – through mentorship and education. The connections we make and unknowing potential that we all have could alter your future.   The best way to secure the future of humanity, is by strengthening the foundation on which it stands.