The Jim Dunston Foundation was created to bridge the gap between young individuals in urban and underserved communities pursing employment in Corporate America and getting their foot in the door. JDF connects individuals with the right companies, inspire change, and achieves the unthinkable. JDF empowers our youth and young adults by preparing them to pursue employment in companies that would normally not be available to them. Through our mentorship and internship programs the intended outcome is for participants to be placed in that company in pursuit of a career path. JDF programs serves as a source of empowerment for people to stabilize and improve their lives though education and life changing support that is not normally available. As well as giving individuals who have minor criminal records or who are not able to get employment due to the lack of experience or background in that field a mentor, coaching and personal development to get them back on track. We aim to alter the lives of our participants, impact our community, and the environment. The Jim Dunston Foundation provides mentors that serve as developmental role models for individuals looking for direction, personal and professional growth and possible grants The Jim Dunston Foundation other initiatives provides micro loans and mentorships to minority women owned small businesses that would help them thrive in today’s environment. Women own 38% of businesses in this country, yet only receive about 16% of business loans – essentially, they get $1 of every $23 loaned. Once they have paid back their micro loan the loan will be put right back into JDF giving to another individual to flourish. The individual receiving the loan will be able to choose who they want that micro loan to go to and be apart of a community of giving. The Jim Dunston Foundation provides next steps for young individuals that are transitioning back from deployment before going into the civilian world, preparing them for what’s next. Basic life skills including financial and personal development.